2nd 2CeVau Workshop: Cybersecurity Challenges of the 5G Corridors (24/06/2021) 

The 2nd 2CeVau Workshop will take place online (through Webex) on Thursday 24 of June, CET 08:00 – 11:00. The tittle of the Workshop is “Cybersecurity Challenges of the 5G Corridors” and it will gather several important speakers and technical experts from various national authorities, european projects and stakeholders. The workshop is divided in two sessions. The first session involves speeches focusing on the policy that is applied on 5G corridors. The second session will focus on various technical issues based on several European projects that perform research on that field. The scope of the project is to demonstrate the research that is carried out on 5G corridors during this period in Greece. For this reason, the workshop is fully supported by the Ministry of Digital Policy of Greece and will be conducted in the greek language. 

More details can be found in the workshop’s agenda.

The 2CeVau Workshop

The 2CeVau workshop (milestone M10) was organized during the project month 17 i.e., December 2020 as an online event (due to COVID-19 measures). The workshop took place in conjunction with the well-established ITS Hellas Conference (as originally scheduled, see part D of the action) which gathered an important size of attendees i.e., more than 350 registered participants. Based on its rich agenda (see below), the 2CeVau workshop efficiently facilitated the dissemination of the project concept and achievements in a broad stakeholders’ community. Despite the belayed start, coming after a dense program of the ITS Hellas conference, the workshop attracted the interest of 26 – 42 online participants (in the course of its time duration).


Invited Talk in CyberSec-ITSC2020

Dr. P. Pantazopoulos (from ICCS) was invited to give a talk in the CyberSec-ITSC2020 conference that will take place on 20-23 of September 2020 in Rhodes, Greece. Dr. Pantazopoulos will present the most significant achievements of the 2CeVau research investigations in a speech which will be entitled “Risk Analysis and Security Assurance in Connected Vehicles: The SAFERtec and 2CeVau approach”. https://cybersec-itsc2020.isi.gr/